Samuel A. Douglass

Samuel A. Douglass

Majors: Hispanic Linguistics and SpanishSamuel Douglass
Minors: Portuguese and Latino Studies
School: College of Arts and Sciences
Year: Senior
Hometown: Westfield, Indiana

IU Student Involvement

IU OVPDEMA Fall 2016 Study Abroad Scholarship to Madrid, Spain; IU Grupo Ñ; IU Grupo de Teatro VIDA; IU UnderLings

How 21st Century Scholars Program Has Helped You Succeed

"Through the IU 21st Century Scholars Program, I have been able to focus on developing my academic and career goals through a nurturing and caring environment. Specifically, the IU 21st Century Program is more than just a scholarship; it is a place where the office staff genuinely cares our cultural and intellectual growth and provides all the services needed to assure that we have the tools and skills we need in order to be successful. Because of IU 21st Century Scholars Program and the IU OVPDEMA Overseas Studies and Scholarship Program, I was able to fulfill my dream of studying abroad in Madrid, Spain this past Fall 2016. Furthermore, I was given the opportunity to improve my Spanish writing and speaking skill while expanding my worldview as a global citizen. Study abroad is such a unique experience that has taught me so much in and out of the classroom. Because of the opportunities I have had at IU Bloomington, I can say that I will be leaving the University with so much more that just a degree. Thank YOU IU 21st Century Scholars Program for allowing me to grow as a student and as a professional."

Why Attend IU

"IU has allowed me to pursue my dream of experiencing what I am studying hands on and truly prepared me to further my academic career."

Future Plans after IU

"After graduation, I plan to return to Madrid, Spain and serve as an adjunct English professor in a Spanish university. Eventually, I plan to attend graduate school for my M.A. and Ph.D. degree in Linguistics and Second Language Studies."