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I like that I'm able to be myself and express myself in a way most universities or programs wouldn't allow you to do, leaving space and opportunity for me to grow abundantly within the 21CS program.

Taniya Jones

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Kev Addison

Alexander Alani

Maliq Carr

Desani Cleveland

Cam'Ron Frost

Zetta Gore

Isaac Gray

Taniya Jones

Abby Martin

Teddy Martins

Kelli Mariutto

Ariel Oeffinger

Autumn Stevens

Cece Taylor

Karissa Warren

Erick Vasquez


Maggie Zielinski, Senior, 21st Century Scholar


Senior & 21st Century Scholar, Cece Taylor, digs a little deeper with some of her peers.  

Karen Cheng , a self-help & informational vlogger

Emily Price , a single mom who's determined to be "Dr. Price"