Marbella Chavez

Marbella Chavez

Major: MicrobiologyStudent Marbella Chavez
Hometown: Elkhart, Indiana

What can I expect to happen my first year as an IU 21st Century Scholar?

"One can expect to receive tons of opportunities through the 21st Century office. These free opportunities offered range from mentoring to resume workshops and even social events to meet other 21st Century scholars. You also meet your 21st Century Scholar advisor whom will help you stay on top of your scholarship requirements and advise you on academics. The help that the 21st Century Scholars office gives is endless."

How do you remain a successful scholar throughout your college tenure?

"No one said college was easy so don't expect to get through college doing the bare minimum. My course load my freshmen year was extremely difficult but I managed to remain successful by asking for help. To this day I still feel a bit intimidated to approach my professors, but they are here to help and it doesn't hurt to ask. Take advantage of office hours, and not just the week before finals. Being close with your professor can land you in a job, in a research lab or maybe a letter of recommendation."

What advice would you give to other incoming IU 21st Century Scholars?

"My number one piece of advice is: be proactive. Whether it’s going out of your way to meet your professor and ask for help or going out of your way to be involved in a club, college will be a lot more fun if you are involved and easier if you reach out for help. To your surprise you will have a lot of free time on your hands and instead of lying in bed watching Netflix, volunteering at a local organization or going to free movies at the Whittenberger Auditorium will make your time here at IU worthwhile."

What is the best thing about being a IU 21st Century Scholar?

"I can't stress enough how helpful the 21st Century Scholars office is. Aside from providing the financial assistance to further your education, the 21st Century Scholars office provides additional help in various ways. Take advantage of the programs put together by their office. You never know what you'll learn from attending one."