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21st century scholar is having a support group that cares and helps you get the most of your college career. They are always willing to answer all my questions and doubts that I have encountered.

Brenda Diaz
  • Applying to IUB

    Beginning Your Journey to IU Bloomington

    It's never too early to start thinking about college. If you’re an 21st Century Scholar interested in attending Indiana University Bloomington, we encourage you to get acquainted with the Office of Admissions website. This online resource contains a wealth of information about IU, admissions standards, student support, tips on the college application process, and what you can expect as a 21st Century Scholar at IU Bloomington!

     Keep in mind that as a 21st Century Scholar, you have the opportunity to take advantage of special benefits associated with the IUB 21st Century Scholars Program. This includes the $60 application fee being waived for Scholars who are immediately out of high school. Also, remember that you must meet the same admission standards and application deadlines as any other student applying to IUB. Deadlines, priority dates, and admissions information can be found at the Office of Admissions.

  • Preparing for IUB

    Accepting Admissions to IU Bloomington

    Once you’ve formally been admitted to Indiana University, you will receive an email from the Admissions Office. This email includes useful links to information on everything from financial aid to housing to New Student Orientation. You’ll receive this email at the address you listed on your admission application. In addition, a congratulatory letter will be sent via U.S. mail. This letter will contain more specific information about IUB 21st Century Scholars, including online links to information about the 21st Century Scholarship Covenant and the next steps you need to take to accept your admission to Indiana University.

    To reserve your seat at the university, most students must complete an ‘Intent to Enroll Form’ online and pay a $100 enrollment deposit. However, 21st Century Scholars are not required to pay the enrollment deposit and only need to complete the intent to enroll form online.

  • Before coming to IUB

    Attending IU Bloomington

    Now that you’ve been admitted to Indiana University and completed your ‘Intent to Enroll Form,’ the next step is to complete a housing application. Pending a specific exemption, all freshmen are required to live on campus during their first year. To help you better understand your housing options and the application process, visit the Residential Programs and Services (RPS) website.

    Make sure you have a thorough understanding of your housing options and the costs associated with each before you apply for housing. Also, take time to understand how the different costs associated with housing and meal plan choices work with your financial aid and the 21st Century Scholarship Covenant (if you are eligible to receive it.)

    *Please note; the housing application can only be completed online. The Office of Admissions shares the list of 21st Century Scholars with RPS so that they can identify you in their system. If you are a 21st Century Scholar completing your senior year of high school, you will not be asked to pay the $300 housing application fee. Instead, you will be given the option to have $200 deferred to your fall Bursar’s account.

    If you are asked to pay the fee before your application has been submitted, it means RPS does not have you in their system as a 21st Century Scholar. Should this occur, do not pay the application fee. Instead, contact the 21st Century Scholars Office. A staff member will verify your status in the program and work with RPS to have you entered in the system as a 21st Century Scholar.

    New Student Orientation

    After you have submitted your housing application, you need to sign up for New Student Orientation.  New Student Orientation is your first step in getting off to a good start at Indiana University and is required for all new students. Separate programs are available for transfer students and first-time freshmen.

     New Student Orientation is managed through the Office of First Year Experience Programs (FYE). In February, the FYE Guide is mailed to all students who have completed an Intent to Enroll form. In March, students are sent the FYE New Student Orientation invitation. (This is a hard-copy publication that instructs students to visit the FYE website and make their reservation for New Student Orientation.)

    *Please note: the orientation fees are not waived for 21st Century Scholars; however, fees can be charged to your fall Bursars bill account.

    Learning Communities

    As a way to give you a unique college living experience, IU Bloomington offers two kinds of on-campus learning communities—Living Learning Communities and Thematic Communities. Living Learning Communities provide funding, dedicated facilities, faculty leadership, staff support, and academic advising, as well as encourage you to explore academic, personal, and professional opportunities on and off-campus.

    Examples of these types of communities include the Thomas I. Atkins LLC, a living center focused on local and national African American culture and issues, and the Women in STEM Living-Learning Center, a living environment where women who are interested in STEM fields have the opportunity to build strong personal and academic connections with each other and women faculty members, as well as gain access to paid summer research experiences, trips to STEM companies, and much more.

    Thematic Communities are designed to bring together students in tight-knit, self-directed groups that focus on a particular subject or topic of interest. These communities may emphasize certain careers, culture, recreation, or social interests, with themes that include the performing arts, health sciences, and outdoor adventures. An example of a Thematic Community is Spectrum, an inclusive residential learning community structured to make students of all gender and sexual identities feel comfortable and supported. And, in fall 2017, Luis Dávila Latinx Thematic Community will be available for all students interested in Hispanic/Latino culture and issues.

    Are you ready to begin your journey at IU Bloomington? Our promise is to help you fulfill yours.

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