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Begin Your Journey at Indiana University Bloomington

Congratulations on becoming a 21st Century Scholar! You’ve just taken an important first step to reach your college and career goals. Created by the state of Indiana in 1990, the 21st Century Scholars Program helps income-eligible students and families access a postsecondary education by providing four years of free college tuition. Indiana University Bloomington (IUB) has been a proud partner of the 21st Century Scholars Program since its inception, helping to support, retain, and graduate thousands of 21st Century Scholars.

IU’s Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (OVPDEI) administers the 21st Century Scholars Program at IUB, providing additional support throughout your educational journey. This support includes academic assistance, leadership and mentoring development, overseas study programs, and career readiness, to name just a few.

1 in 5First-year Indiana students at IUB are 21st Century Scholars.

13,000+21st Century Scholars have graduated from IU.

A Partner in Your Future

As a 21st Century Scholar, not only do you earn a scholarship for college tuition, you also receive step-by-step guidance to make sure you succeed at IUB and complete your degree. Here are some of the many opportunities that await you as a 21st Century Scholar and as an IUB student.

Intensive First-Year Seminars

Incoming Fall 2024 21st Century Scholars have the opportunity to take IFS courses tailored exclusively for 21st Century Scholars. IFS takes place on August 4th - August 21st, before the fall semester begins. Scholars who sign up for IFS are eligible for scholarships that cover the IFS Program fee and Early Arrival fees.

Please visit  The IFS Experience site to learn more about the 21st Century Scholars Intensive First-Year Seminars courses and program, or contact our program office at

IUB 21st Century Scholarship Covenant

The IUB 21st Century Scholarship Covenant serves as a supplement to the 21st Century Scholarship to help you with educational costs outside of tuition. These expenses may include room, board, books, and even study abroad programs. Visit us online to learn more about the benefits and requirements of the 21st Century Scholarship Covenant.

College Scholars Success Program

All 21st Century Scholars are required to participate in the College Scholars Success Program. To meet that goal, the 21st Century Scholars Program and other offices on the IUB campus offer programming to meet the requirements, and scholars will follow 21st Century Scholars Program expectations and attend recommended events. Students must regularly update their ScholarTrack to comply with scholarship requirements.


Free workshops on topics such as transitioning to college from high school, understanding the 21st Century Scholarship and Covenant, living on a college budget, and applying to graduate school help 21st Century Scholars thrive in their academic pursuits. Whether you’re an incoming freshman or a senior getting ready to graduate with a four-year degree, IUB connects you to the information you need to succeed!

21st Century Academic Advisor

Every 21st Century Scholar has an academic advisor as part of the scholarship program. This individual ensures you are aware of the program’s requirements and its support services. Your assigned advisor also helps you navigate the Bloomington campus, connecting you with services and programs that will help you excel both academically and personally.

Student Advocacy

If you experience difficulty with grades, financial aid, housing, or other issues, IUB’s 21st Century Scholars office is here to help. We serve as an advocate for 21st Century Scholars and a liaison between scholars and other academic departments.

IUB 21st Century Scholars Leadership Corps

Leadership Corps is a student organization designed to connect IUB 21st Century Scholars and other students to opportunities that promote and cultivate leadership and professional development, fellowship, mentoring, and volunteerism. Under Leadership Corps, three program segments engage students: Ambassador Corps, Public Relations Corps, and Volunteer Corps.

Mentoring Services & Leadership Development

Mentoring and leadership development put you on the right path to success! The Faculty and Staff for Student Excellence (FASE) Mentoring Program pairs freshmen with upper-class peer mentors to help guide freshmen students—or protégés—through the first critical year of college. You also can become a leader during your sophomore year! And, sophomores through seniors have the opportunity to learn from faculty mentors by garnering advice and support to develop their talents and prepare for future success. Visit to learn more.

Overseas Studies

As a 21st Century Scholar, you have access to resources and support provided by OVPDEMA and its Overseas Studies & Scholarship Program. The program was established to provide study abroad opportunities so that you can explore new cultures, gain insight about the global community, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Your 21st Century Scholarship can be applied to a variety of study abroad programs. Plus, the 21st Century Scholars Covenant can be used to pay for study abroad expenses. If you are interested in overseas study opportunities, be sure to contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance. Staff members will work with you to ensure your 21st Century Scholarship and Covenant (if eligible) applies.

Cultural Centers

You are part of a richly diverse community at IUB, one that not only offers support to help you succeed academically but also provides access to unique opportunities to help you grow personally and culturally. For instance, IUB is home to the African American Arts Institute—the only institute of its kind in the nation. The Institute and each of our cultural centers offer many resources, including social and educational programs reflecting the heritage, history, and culture of many student populations that inform and engage the IUB campus community in diverse cultural traditions, histories, and contributions.

Learning Communities

To give you a college living experience that you’ll never forget, IUB offers two kinds of on-campus learning communities—Living Learning Communities and Thematic Communities. Living Learning Communities provide funding, dedicated facilities, faculty leadership, staff support, and academic advising, as well as resources that allow you to explore educational, personal, and professional opportunities on and off campus. Thematic Communities bring together students in tight-knit, self-directed groups, to focus on a particular subject or topic. Some are career-oriented, while others emphasize culture, recreation, or social interests via themes that include the performing arts, health sciences, and outdoor adventures.

Student Groups

Student organizations are a great place for 21st Century Scholars to get involved on campus and connect with other students! With 700-plus student organizations on the IUB campus, you will have plenty of opportunities to find people who share your passions and interests. A database of student organizations searchable by category or keywords can be found at

Start Your College Journey Today

Our mission at IUB is to help every 21st Century Scholar succeed academically and graduate on time. We look forward to meeting you in person and assisting in your college journey. We encourage you to read this brochure and visit the IUB 21st Century Scholars website at, where you’ll find helpful information about the program.