Scholar Resources

Enrichment Workshops

21st Century Scholars have many opportunities to access helpful, informative, and free workshops on relevant college topics such as transitioning to college from high school, understanding the 21st Century Scholarship and Covenant, living on a college budget, developing leadership skills, studying overseas, applying to graduate school, and more. 

Student Support

Perhaps most important, every 21st Century Scholar has an academic advisor. This individual is your personal college guide and makes sure you are aware of the wide variety of programs and services available through the 21st Century Scholars Program. You’ll also be connected to other support services on the Bloomington campus.

The best thing about being a 21st Century scholar is having this system of support behind you and having people here who want to help you succeed and graduate within four years.

DeAnthony Nelson

Volunteer Corps

Volunteer Corps is a student-led organization designed to connect IUstudents to volunteer opportunities that relate to their major(s) and/or interests. Initially created for and by IU 21st Century Scholars, Volunteer Corps is now open to all undergraduate students attending IU Bloomington. Many activities are offered through Volunteer Corps, each of which is designed to enrich your education experience as a IU 21st Century Scholar! As part of these initiatives, you can be expected to gain leadership and organizational skills, build a sense of community among peer volunteers, and foster friendships with other Scholars and students on campus.

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Student Advocacy

There may come a time when you experience difficulty with grades, financial aid, housing or other issues related to your college experience. The 21st Century Scholars office is ready to help. We serve as an advocate for 21st Century Scholars and a liaison between Scholars and other academic departments. If our office cannot find the answer or provide the assistance you need, we’ll connect you with someone who can.

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G.I.V.E. Back

Getting Involved through Volunteer Experience is a way for IU 21st Century Scholars to receive a discount from on-campus housing by completing various community service activities and participating in events held by our office. G.I.V.E. Back also allows its participants to network with other IU 21st Century Scholars alumni at the annual Next Steps Conference. Scholars wanting to participate in G.I.V.E. Back must live on-campus.

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1 in 5 Indiana residents first year students at IUB are 21st Century Scholars

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Mentoring at IU Bloomington puts students on the right path to success. Through the Office of Mentoring Services and Leadership Development, the Faculty and Staff for Student Excellence (FASE) Mentoring Program pairs freshmen with upperclassmen peer mentors who help guide younger students —or protégés—through the critical first year of college. You also will be able to participate in FASE Mentoring events, including free etiquette dinners, bowling, and the homecoming pre-tailgate party.

FASE participants, too, can become leaders themselves in the program during their sophomore year, while sophomores, juniors, and seniors have opportunities to benefit from the advice and support of faculty mentors who help students develop their talents and prepare for success during college and beyond.

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Overseas Study

IUB 21st Century Scholars have access to special resources and support provided by OVPDEMA and its Overseas Studies & Scholarship Program. The program was established to provide study abroad opportunities and provide experiences that allow students to explore new cultures, gain insight about the global community, and make memories to last a lifetime.

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Scholarship/Academic Support

The 21st Century Scholars Program provides a four-year, full-tuition scholarship for qualified Indiana residents, as well as academic tutoring, mentoring, and financial aid and career workshops to help Scholars with their academic pursuits. 

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Student Groups

Student organizations are a great place for 21st Century Scholars to get involved on campus and connect with other students! With 700-plus student organizations on the Bloomington campus, you will have plenty of opportunities to find groups who share your passions and interests. 

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Cultural Centers

As a student at IU Bloomington, you are now part of a richly diverse community. You’ll not only find the support and resources to help with your academic success, but also access to unique cultural opportunities and experiences that help you grow personally and professionally. For instance, IUB is home to the African American Arts Institute—the only institute of its kind in the nation. The Institute and each of our cultural centers offer many resources, including social and educational programs designed to reflect the heritage, history, and culture of our many student populations.

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