My Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is 0 and I still have a balance. What should I do?

It is common for even our highest need students to have balances. The IU 21st Century Scholarship pays for 100% tuition and mandatory fees. Not all fees are categorized as mandatory. The Covenant, Pell Grant, and other scholarships assist in paying for everything else. If you have a remaining balance, we strongly urge you to utilize student loans if you have not yet done so.

Am I required to utilize student loans?

No, but we strongly recommend loans over working. We discourage scholars working excess (more than 15) hours outside of classes. It is important to maintain a high GPA to maximize career opportunities after you earn your degree.

The 21st Century Scholarship

What does my IU 21st Century Scholarship cover?

The IU 21st Century Scholarship covers 100% tuition and mandatory fees (e.g., activity, repair and rehabilitation, transportation, technology, and health). In addition, the IU 21st Century Scholarship covers the Common Application Fee, Intent to Enroll Admissions Fee, and Housing Application Fee for incoming scholars. The IU 21st Century Scholarship does NOT pay for academic program fee, first-year orientation fee, fraternity/sorority fee (if applicable), and/or other miscellaneous fees associated with your department. However, you can utilize student loans to offset this cost.

Does my IU 21st Century Scholarship cover tuition fees for the summer semester?

Unfortunately, there is no IU 21st Century Scholarship available for summer classes. However, if you need to take summer classes, you are welcome to take out student loans.

Do remediation course (prefixed with “0”) count towards the 30/60/90 credit hours requirement?

No, unfortunately remediation courses won’t count towards the required 30/60/90 credit hours.

I am required to take the Core Academic Skills Assessment (CASA). Can I receive a test reimbursement for completing this exam at Indiana University Bloomington?

Yes, you can receive a reimbursement fee. You will need to come into our office and take our practice CASA exam. If you score at least a 70%, you will be eligible for a reimbursement. If you would like to come in our office to take the practice CASA exam, please call us at (812) 856-1910 to set-up a time.

Can I extend my IU 21st Century Scholarship as a “5th Year” student?

No, the scholarship cannot be extended to the 5th year. However, you can utilize student loans and the Pell Grant.

Will I lose my scholarship if I fall below a cumulative GPA of 2.0?

No. However, you will be placed on academic probation and be required to attend study tables in Eigenmann Hall 621 South. You will have two semesters after probationary status to raise your cumulative GPA and get off probation. Please note that you cannot graduate from Indiana University with a GPA of 1.99 or lower.

Does IU 21st Century Scholars Program offer study abroad scholarships for IU 21st Century Scholars?

Yes, the IU 21st Century Scholars Program partners with IU OVPDEMA Overseas Studies and Scholarship Program and IU Office of Overseas Study. The deadline to apply for a study abroad scholarship typically falls between January 15 and February 15. Almost 90 percent of our scholars who went abroad during the 2016-2017 academic year had their tuition covered by the IU 21st Century Scholars Program.

Does IU 21st Century Scholars Program offer paid volunteering opportunities for IU 21st Century Scholars in the Bloomington community?

Yes, in an effort to promote volunteerism and philanthropic action, the IU 21st Century Scholars Program has launched the "IU 21st Century Scholars Program Scholar Success Fund" in which students can perform community service work within the Bloomington area and then receive a small compensation for their voluntary work through the IU 21st Century Scholar Volunteer Corps and G.I.V.E. back program. The funds are supported by the Indiana Commissioner for Higher Education and administered by the IU Office of Scholarships.

What kind of programs and services you provide as an IU 21st Century Scholar?

Great question! We offer many programs and services at the IU 21st Century Scholars Program. A few are IU 21st Century Scholar Volunteer Corps, G.I.V.E. back program, FREE private tutoring services, FREE rental textbook services, FREE healthy snacks in study tables, FREE annual conference to "Indiana 21st Century Scholars Next Steps College Conference," study abroad scholarships, professional development workshops, site visits to Fortune 500 companies, weekly e-newsletter, mentoring opportunities, senior graduation scholars recognition dinner with IU president/vice presidents, as well as FREE pizza/wings during midterm and finals weeks!

21st Century Scholarship Covenant

Can I use my IU 21st Century Scholarship Covenant to pay for ‘off-campus’ housing?

It depends. You will need to schedule a meeting with our staff by calling (812)-856-1910 or come to walk-in hours in Eigenmann Hall 619 South.

How can I apply for the IU 21st Century Scholarship Covenant?

Students receive the covenant based on Expected Family Contribution (EFC) from the FAFSA. The Covenant is based upon financial need. Students must be enrolled full-time on the IU Bloomington campus for 8 consecutive semesters to maintain the covenant. Please note that you must file a FAFSA application by March 10 to maintain the scholarship.

I am planning to transfer to another IU campus. Can I transfer my IU 21st Century Scholarship Covenant to another IU campus?

No, once you leave IU Bloomington, the IU 21st Century Scholarship Covenant cannot be reinstated. However, your IU 21st Century Scholarship can be transferred to a different institution or campus in the state of Indiana.

I am planning to take a break for the fall/spring semester to work full-time.  Will I lose my IU 21st Century Scholarship Covenant for taking a semester off?

YES, the Covenant requires students to maintain continuous enrollment on the IU Bloomington campus every fall and spring. Taking off the fall/spring semester will interrupt the continuous enrollment. You cannot reinstate the Covenant upon your return. However, you can file an appeal but does not guarantee approval (50% approval rate).

Can I use my IU 21st Century Scholarship Covenant to pay for my Graduate Record Examination (GRE) test?

No. The 21st Century Scholars Program is an undergraduate department at Indiana University Bloomington. We currently do not offer services at the graduate level. However, we encourage all scholars to apply for graduate school.