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Advisor and Staff Availabilty


Connect with your advisor if you have academic or other questions/concerns related, but not limited to:

Advisors and drop in hours
(Also see SAS for more info)

Jen Berry (, Lead Advisor

Mondays & Fridays (in person): 1-2p
Tuesdays (virtual): 11a-12p
Wednesdays (in-person): 11a-12p
Thursdays (virtual): 9-10a

Andrew Schwartz (, SMART Program Coordinator

Mondays (virtual): 10-11a & 1-2p
Tuesdays (in-person): 10-11a
Wednesdays (virtual): 1-2p
Thursdays (in-person): 9-10a
Fridays (in-person): 10-11a

Christin Correll (, Academic Advisor & Career Coordinator

Mondays and Fridays (virtual): 10a-11a
Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays (in-person): 1-2p

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Americorps/Scholarcorps Graduation and Retention Specialist

Nikki Davenport - 

Nikki can also help with questions you might have related to your scholarship, FAFSA, state and SAP appeals.  Please feel free to email Nikki for an appointment.   Also, make sure and check our FAQ page.

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Questions about state appeals and scholarship eligibility, please be sure to contact the State 888-528-4719.  (IUB SAP info, State info)

Questions about Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) appeals and verification, please be sure to contact Student Central (,  812-855-6500.

Learn more about 21st Century Scholars Program advisors and staff on the Contact page

Visit our FAQ page for more answers to your questions!  See the CSSP FAQ page for questions related to the College Success Program.

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