Advisors and Staff

Advisor and Staff Availabilty

We are all available virtually by phone, email, Skype, Zoom.  

21CS Advisors will continue to have weekly drop-ins, twice a week per advisor.
Connect with us if you have academic or other questions/concerns related, but not limited to:

  • Late drop options, process and impact
  • Navigating the “S Grade” option (See email from Provost Robel 3/26/20)
  • Managing & transitioning to online coursework
  • General Academic performance
  • Academic status – Probation or high risk
  • Personal challenges adjusting to not being in Bloomington or being here separate from others
  • Summer courses (all online if with IU)
  • Fall 2020 registration (separate communication from assigned advisor)
  • 21CS Scholar Success Program

    21CS Academic Advisor Drop-ins
    (Zoom or email; emailed questions will receive a response within 24hrs)
    Click/copy & paste the Zoom URL for the Advisor you want to connect with, during their drop-in time.  You will be in a virtual waiting room until the Advisor is available.  (To access advisor's drop ins and appointment, refer to SAS.)

    Jen Berry, Lead Advisor
    Drop-ins: Wednesdays 3p-5p & Thursdays 10a-12p

    Rachel Boveja, Career Coordinator
    Drop-ins: Wednesdays 2p-4p & Fridays 10a-12p

    Andrew Schwartz, SMART Program Coordinator
    Drop-ins: Mondays 10a-12p & Tuesdays 1p-3p


We have two Graduation and Retention specialists in the office (Nikki Davenport -  and Derrick Robinson - who can also help with the FAFSFA, living off campus questions, and many other questions you might have related to your scholarship. Please fee free to email Nikki or Derrick for an appointment or with any questions anytime.    

Marissa Cheplick ( can help you with strategic academic planning and ways of getting involved on campus. You can schedule with her through the SAS calendar or email her as well.  Starting April 6th, Marissa will offer drop-in hours via Zoom on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11:30-1:30.   Please email Marissa for Zoom info.  Complex advising/registration questions are best submitted to your academic advisor.

Learn more about 21st Century Scholars Program advisors and staff on the Contact page.  To schedule a specific appointment visit the Student Appointment Scheduler.

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