April 20, 2017

IU 21st Century Scholars Program Invited 30 Distinguished Seniors from Class of 2017 to "IU OVPDEMA Scholars Recognition Dinner"



IU 21st Century Scholars: Taylor A. Allen, Oluwatomiwa Awobayiku, Veronica P. Bone, Sean M. Brockman, Dana D. Fuhrman, Alexis Fussnecker, Hailey T. Gibson, Javonte Henderson, Carlin P. Hoffacker, Natalie J. Jones, Hannah Kassab, Arianna G. Koppen, Katharyn L. Lee, Mary M. Luncsford, Spencer J. McCard, Steven L. Moffatt, Jacob E. Myer, Funbi Oladimeji, Kacey R. Ross, Holly R. VanDeman, Allison M. Wagner, Zephyr A. Wenrich, Anna C. Will

IU 21st Century Scholars Staff: Vincent E. Isom, Roy Y. Chan, Jenifer L. Berry, Karen M. Franks, Babita L. Upadhyay, Precious S. McMillon


On Thursday, April 20, 2017, the IU 21st Century Scholars Program invited 30 distinguished seniors from Class of 2017 to attend an exclusive “IU OVPDEMA Scholars Recognition Dinner” in the Indiana Memorial Union (IMU) Tudor Room. Of our 581 graduating seniors, 30 high achieving scholars were selected by our department to attend a VIP dinner co-hosted by the IU Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Multicultural Affairs (OVPDEMA) and the IU Office of the Provost.

Several senior administrators and faculty attended the recognition dinner to congratulate our scholars for their commitment to academic excellence at Indiana University Bloomington including Lauren K. Robel (vice provost and executive vice president atIndiana University & val nolan professor of law at IUMaurer Schoolof Law), Dr. James C. Wimbush (vice president of IU OVPDEMA, dean of university graduate school at Indiana University, & professor of business administration at IU Kelley School of Business), Martin A. McCrory (associate vice president of IU OVPDEMA, vice provost for educational inclusion and diversity, & chief diversity officer at Indiana University), Dr. Lori Reesor (vice provost for student affairs & dean of students at Indiana University), Dr. David B. Johnson (vice provost for office of enrollment management at Indiana University), Vincent E. Isom (director of IU 21st Century Scholars Program), Patrick D. Smith (director of IU Office of Mentoring Services & Leadership Development), Arnell Hammond (director of IU Faculty Mentoring Initiatives), Mary Stephenson (director of IU Groups Scholars Program), Marsha McGriff (director of IU Hudson & Holland Scholars Program), Ochmaa Escue (director of IU Overseas Studies and Scholarship Program), and Dr. Leslie J. Robinson (director of IU Academic Support Center). Roy Y. Chan (special projects coordinator of IU 21st Century Scholars Program) served as the photographer for the event.

In addition to the IU 21st Century Scholars Program, several students from other academic programs of OVPDEMA attended the dinner including Hudson & Holland Scholars Program, Groups Scholars Program, Academic Support Center, and Mentoring Services & Leadership Development. The IU 21st Century Scholars Program boasted the highest number of seniors (34 scholars) within OVPDEMA who will graduate this May 2017 with a 3.7+Cumulative GPA or higher and had the largest number of scholars participating in the recognition dinner.

We thank all graduating seniors for attending this year’s recognition dinner. We wish the Class of 2017 continued best with their academic and career success after Indiana University Bloomington. Please stay in touch with us!