Indiana University Bloomington 21st Century Scholars Covenant Scholarship

What is the Indiana University Bloomington 21st Century Scholars Covenant Scholarship?

It is a supplemental scholarship that may be offered to 21st Century Scholars who enroll at IUB their freshman year and remain in continuous enrollment at IUB. Transfer students, including freshman transfers, are not eligible. It can be used towards the costs of a standard double occupancy campus dorm with or without air conditioning, a standard meal plan and other indirect costs such as textbooks, course fees, etc.  (See more info on the Covenant on the IU Office of Scholarships website.)

How can I apply for the IUB 21st Century Scholars Covenant Scholarship?

Students receive the Covenant based on Expected Family Contribution (EFC) from the FAFSA. The Covenant is based on financial need. About 85 percent of our scholars receive the Covenant. To maintain the Covenant, students must be enrolled full-time on the IU Bloomington campus for 8 consecutive semesters. Please note that you must file a FAFSA application every year by April 15th to maintain your tuition scholarship and Covenant.

With the IUB 21st Century Covenant Scholarship, is it more affordable to live on-campus or off campus after my freshman year?

It can be more affordable to live off campus as long as a scholar select an affordable off campus housing option, even if a student does not receive the Covenant.  We have an online workshop called Living Off Campus as a Scholar.

What if I don't receive the IUB Covenant Scholarship?

If you do not receive the covenant, then we encourage all scholars to join IU G.I.V.E. Back program. Through community service and voluntary action, students can receive a refund check of $500.00 each semester for their on-campus housing and on-campus meal plans. Also, check our online workshop, Living off Campus as Scholar, as living off campus is more affordable than living on campus.

I am planning to transfer to another IU campus. Can I transfer my IUB Covenant Scholarship to another IU campus?

NO, once you leave IU Bloomington, the IU 21st Century Scholarship Covenant cannot be reinstated. However, your IU 21st Century Tuition Scholarship can be transferred to a different institution or campus in the state of Indiana.

I am planning to take a break for the fall/spring semester to work full-time. Will I lose my IUB Covenant Scholarship for taking a semester off?

YES, the Covenant requires students to maintain continuous enrollment on the IU Bloomington campus every fall and spring. Taking off the fall/spring semester will interrupt the continuous enrollment. You cannot reinstate the Covenant upon your return. However, you can file an appeal. Be sure to make an appointment with a 21CS academic advisor.

Can I use my IUB Covenant Scholarship to pay for my Graduate Record Examination (GRE) test?

NO. The IU 21st Century Scholars Program is an undergraduate department at Indiana University Bloomington. We currently do not provide services at the graduate level. However, we encourage all scholars to apply for graduate school.